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Home Inspections

You should hire a licensed, professional inspector to conduct a thorough inspection. Get recommendations, check their online reviews and study their websites.

You will want to be clear on exactly what is and isn’t included in the inspection price. Will they test for lead paint? How about asbestos in the ceiling tiles? Is that part of the basic inspection or will it cost more? The price, though you will pay it, is probably the least of your concerns. Most inspectors are in a similar range of $400-$700 anyway and any fluctuation is a small price to pay for what you will get. Early in the home buying process start researching inspectors and have at least a couple in mind, especially if the market is busy. You’ll need to be sure you can get an inspection scheduled within your contract timeline, so if your first choice isn’t available, you need someone waiting in the wings.

Follow the link below to download a brochure on:   “Questions and Answers on: Home Inspection”.  A publication of the North Carolina Real Estate Commission

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